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Speech-Language Therapists quite simply, work to improve outcomes (academic, social, literacy, etc.) for children as well as their overall communication skills and they work with adults to likewise, improve their communication (speaking skills, presentation skills, pronunciation, etc.) skills. In Kenya, most people are familiar with speech therapists working with children or adults with known language/communication delays or even specific disorders, but what most don’t realize is that speech therapists can and do also work with normally developing children.

The education system in Kenya does not always identify mainstream children with learning difficulties or when they are able to identify them, they often are not able to offer a specialized learning program or devise effective ways of resolving the issues.

Speech therapy being a relatively new field in Kenya has meant that most people aren’t fully aware of the scope of practice of speech therapists and tend to underestimate the importance or relevance speech therapy can have on a child and subsequently on improving the child’s overall outcomes and potential.

A speech-language therapist has been trained to assess and treat people who have a communication disorder. Speech therapists complete a degree at university, which encompasses all aspects of communication including speech (mechanics of producing words e.g. articulation/pronunciation, pitch, fluency/stammering and volume), language (comprehension and expression) and literacy (writing, reading, etc.) Speech pathologists also work with people who have difficulties swallowing food and drink. A speech pathologist is sometimes called a speech therapist or speech and language pathologist. They are different from speech and drama teachers.

Speech and language therapists assess and treat all areas of speech and language development. They assist children with their expressive, receptive (comprehension and listening) as well as literacy (reading/writing) skills.

Our speech therapists offer general speech and language therapy services including the assessment and treatment of persons with a range of communication disorders such as difficulties with:– General speech & language therapy
  • Pre-school through to School-age Language (expressive/receptive)
  • Articulation/Phonology (speech/pronunciation difficulties)
  • Reading and Writing (literacy difficulties)
  • Listening and Attention
  • Auditory Processing
  • Hearing
  • Stuttering (stammering)

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