Why Choose Us

Our philosophy is underpinned in all what we do and guided by our mission. We are the largest speech therapy provider in Kenya and East Africa seeing approx. 500 children for individual sessions every month.

We believe the following reasons have been and continue to be instrumental in setting us apart from our competitors.

We are fully focused on providing a service that is not only sustainable, but also of consistently high quality. This means once you take up our services, you will not be forced to take a therapy break should a therapist fall sick for a long time, goes on holiday, etc. This is because we have a large number of therapists and assistants who maintain different caseload and can relieve one another should the need arise.

This model of service delivery is a breath of fresh air in the country particularly because we have such a shortage of qualified speech therapists, with a very high turnover because many of them are foreigners.

Our therapist assistants are both professional and competent. Therapist assistants attend bi-monthly training sessions, receive professional mentoring and support from senior experienced therapists and are exposed to other ongoing professional development training opportunities run by local as well as international presenters/organizations.

Our office is well equipped with therapy resources on various speech and language areas, toys and games and we continue to create new material that is culturally sensitive.

We have a dedicated team that oversees the creation of new and fun material. This team is made up of a graphic designer, illustrator and creative therapists and assistants. We also have office equipped office with photocopiers, printers (coloured), laminators, binders, cameras, computers, etc., which makes the work of providing modern and fun materials a breeze. We are also able to take advantage of computer based assessments and APPS.

Our office also has support staff in addition to our brilliant team of therapists and assistants. Our Practice Manager ensures that our busy office and our satellite clinics run smoothly. The Manager is supported by an enthusiastic Administrator/ Receptionist who manages client services from bookings, therapy room management and therapists’ caseloads. We also have an Accounts and Human Resource Officer whose work is to ensure clients are properly billed and insurance claims are processed as well as oversee staff management.

Due to the ongoing training sessions, mentoring, staff meetings and a careful recruitment of staff, this has contributed in fostering a close knit team of staff who passionately dispense services and go the extra mile to ensure you experience an unparalleled warm and high quality service.

Our clients receive regular correspondence and weekly reporting on therapy progress. We are the only clinic in the country, which offers its clients these regular reports in a bid to include families and make our services transparent.

We also use fun and engaging therapy materials and activities in our sessions in order to ensure learning takes place in a fun environment.

All our clients receive these materials to take home as well as informative handouts for parents to read on areas pertinent to their child’s speech and language needs. Our little clients also have a folder of colorful material as a keepsake at discharge.

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