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– Welcome to HearSay & Read Clinic. The largest private practice in Nairobi and in the entire East African region. The organization provides all services related to speech and language therapy/pathology to institutions and individuals.

HearSay & Read was established in 2010 in order to provide a much needed specialist service specifically designed to enhance communication and literacy skills of pre and school-aged children, adults and parents. Together with our team of qualified speech and language therapists and speech therapist assistants, our focus is on delivery of highly successful, evidence- based, specialist speech therapy services to children, adults with communication and literacy difficulties whilst also educating and empowering family members. Our qualified Speech therapists and assistants assess and run individual and group therapy sessions in our clinic, at schools and hospitals.

Research has long established that a child’s early experiences in this world tremendously shapes the kind of life it will have. The nature and quality of a child’s care, education and interaction with his or her parents, caregivers and teachers therefore influence overall development.

It is with this in mind, that the Centre was established in order to inform, train and support educational institutions and parents in their endeavor to improve the emotional, social and academic outcomes of their children.

HearSay & Read also aims to raise awareness of innovative educational and intervention practices in order to ensure persons with communication disorders / needs realize their full educational or professional potential.

We provide all services related to speech & language therapy/pathology to institutions & individuals.

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Meet Lorna

– Founder of HearSay & Read Clinic.

Lorna founded the HearSay & Read Clinic back in 2010 and is currently the co-Director of the organization. She is a native of Kenya, but has enjoyed an exciting and successful career in speech therapy in New Zealand, Australia and currently Kenya. She lived and worked overseas for a total of 13 years.

Lorna graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communication Disorders (Speech and Language Therapy) from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand and is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia (MSPA).

She has worked in a variety of settings including: hospitals, adult rehabilitation centres, mainstream schools and private clinics and gained a depth of experience in both pediatrics and adult populations with a range of disorders (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Severe Language Delay, Articulation Disorder, Literacy and Phonological Disorders, Dysphasia, Dysarthria, Dysphagia, etc.).

She has a commitment to continuing professional development and participates in regular trainings. She has been trained to deliver well researched programs such as the Lidcombe Program, The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program (LSVT), Gillon Phonological Awareness Program and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).

Lorna is passionate about children in general and passionately engages people on issues relating to child development and making the early years count.

She is equally passionate about improving literacy outcomes for children and early detection for early intervention. Lorna, a self-proclaimed teacher has the ability to simplify even the most obscure concepts for people, particularly children to understand.

She is a wife and a mother, with an infectious joy for life.

Our Mission

The organization’s mission is to provide evidence based services that seek to not only improve communication and learning outcomes for children, but also seek to empower and educate parents and institutions who are key agents to ensuring children exploit their full potential.

Our vision

Our vision is to make inroads within the education and health sector and among policy makers responsible for how children learn and in the early detection and remediation of learning difficulties, which hold back children’s outcomes. We, envision, that our organization will play its role in raising awareness of the distinguishable benefits of making a child’s early years count through the provision of practices that promote social and emotional growth. These could be in the nature and quality of interactions the child has with its caregivers, the standard and quality of education it receives and other identified measures known to positively alter a child’s outcomes.